Aspect2i offers photography training and education through classroom or field based workshops. Attending a workshop will take your photography to a new level. Building your confidence and ability to make great images is our goal.

Primary sponsor and supporter of 'Chords of Grey'.


Epson just make the best scanners and printers. There is no doubt about it. The exhibition work has been scanned and printed using Epson equipment.

Kind sponsor and supporter of 'Chords of Grey'.

Envisage Books

Envisage Books is a creative consultancy dedicated to working with visual artists and organisations, whose aim is to turn original ideas into outstanding published works. Envisage Books provides creative direction and a full range of production services, to ensure you get the publication that best communicates your vision.

Paul Hogan is a master in creating the fine chemistry used to process the black and white films that Paul uses.

Lee Filters

These are the finest optical filters available for adjusting tonal range and controlling exposure at the capture stage of the photographic process.


Hand made large format cameras made of the finest materials and to the highest specifications. Paul has been using this camera to capture all the images in this book.

michael pilkington photography

Photographer and commissioning editor of the book 'Chords of Grey'.

Paul Gallagher Photography

The author's own web site where you can see more images and learn about the workshops he offers.

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