About the Book

Chords of GREY is a limited edition fine art book. There will be a limited edition of 750 produced, each individually signed and numbered by the photographer.

In addition, a special edition of 75 will be available, including a limited edition A4 size print, signed and numbered by the photographer. There will be 5 different prints to choose from, each edition limited to 15. For more information on the special edition click here

The book contains some of the finest images Paul has created. Everyone involved in the project has strived to ensure that the magic of these images has been successfully carried into the book. The printing process, choice of materials have all been selected to ensure that nothing detracts from the subtlety and complexity of the images.

The book has been designed by Eddie Ephraums, a master in his own right as a photographer, book designer and publisher. Eddie has worked with some of the great names in landscape photography including Charlie Waite and Joe Cornish to name but two.

Technical Specifications


Grey cloth cover with debossed image and embossed lettering
4 colour printing
Japanese 170 gsm paper
images spot varnished
345mm x 270mm
88 pages
46 images

Slip Case

Grey cloth with embossed lettering




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How to buy

The book can be bought directly from the exhibition. If you cannot make it to the exhibition, then the book can be bought directly from Paul Gallagher.

The limited edition book is priced at £40.00 including VAT. The special edition book, containing a signed and certified limited edition print from the book is priced at £75.00 including VAT.

For more information on buying the book, postage and packing, click here

copyright paul gallagher 2010